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Lord of the Flies

Brittany Midgette

No description

inarticulate to speak or cry out with derision or mockery
epaulettes not readily understood
chorister a line of guards or ships
clambered full of light
fervor behaving with strict propriety
enmity feeling shame or humiliation
beckoned productive of harm or evil
tumult affectedly modest, reserved, or serious
malevolently punishment
recrimination not allowing entrance or passage
sanctity uttered or formed without definate articulations of intelligble speech
rebuke a sea monster
chastisement to make a raised pattern of something
hiatus a project or undertaking that is especially difficult or risky
oppressive climb awkwardly
inscrutable of uncertain quality
dubious tough, stringy, strong
blatant gangly
leviathan intensity of feeling or expression
tacit stronghold
ebullience to walk leisurely
bastion blooming
elephantine expressed without words or speech
jeer gloomy
swathed sacredness
corpulent to sniffle
belligerence a violent declamation
myopia unpleasant smell
parried to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger
talisman over enthusiastic
sinewy being an enemy;hostility
taboo avoided
vicissitudes trembled
acrid state of being changeable
ungainly an object with magical power
luminous a gap; break
efflorescence noisy especially in an offensive manner
quavered downward inclination
embossed nearsightedness
sauntered uproar; high excitement
enterprise an expression of strong disapproval
decorus unreasonably severe
clamour a fringed military strap
cordon amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity
crestfallen enfold
dun to accuse in return
glowered hostility or aggression
ludicrous forbidden to use because it's supposedly dangerous
demure to cry out
impervious not producing the proper or intended effect
tirade a singer in a choir
sniveling fat
ineffectual attracted or tempted
declivities enormous

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