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Lord of the Rings

Eamane Aldarion

Everything Lord of the Rings

Elrond Steward of Gondor
Galadriel Flying terrors
Denethor Gandalf's Elvish name
MinasTirith Home of the dwarves
Lothlorien Lady of Light
Legolas Gimli, son of_____
Balrog Unwanted son
Faramir Home of the tree elves
Mithrandir Farewell
Marchwarden City of Kings
Namarie Haldir's job description
Moria Haldir's siblings
OrophinandRumil The Ringbearer
UrukHai Prince of Mirkwood
Nazgul Troublemaking Hobbit
FrodoBaggins Fiery creature
Pippin Gollum's alter ego
WitchKingofAgmar Lord of Rivendell
Smeagol Faceless villian
Gloin Superhuman Orcs

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