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MacBeth's Act II Puzzle

Aldo, TyQuan, Emily, Anthony, Ricardo

List of vocabulary words from Macbeth's Act II

sumons place in a tomb; bury
Watch to keep under attentive view
incarnadine bribed
Invested redden
Storehouse moving, active, bustling, or lively
Equivocator covered
infirm Bird of Darkness, The Owl
amiss weak and feeble
confounds warm bedtime drinks
auger soon
Obscure Bird an overwhelming painful feeling caused by something firghtfully shocking
Vault tiny
breeched devour greedily
malice world
Palpable the King's body
Dudgeon officially endowed with authority or power
fatal bellman loyalty to a group, person or something of the like
Countenance a fault resulting from moral weakness
Anon blessing
Ravin up a liar that could make two contradictory statements and swear they were true
frailties capable of being touched or felt
Stirring be in keeping with
Husbandry the man who rang the bell at midnight when someone was sentenced to die on that day
possets weariness
Sentinel wooden hilt
Horror a person or thing that stands as if watching
allegiance a service or task performed
Entomb a desire to harm others or see others suffer
Temple improper, wrong, faulty
offices ruins
Benison place of burial
Suborned thrift

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