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Old Man and the Sea

Ms. Gould

Vocabulary list 1

Venerable You ______________the long cold hike
Gaunt A fishing line
Filament A submarine is able to ____________
Scythe Jello is ______________
Benevolent To void
Furl The grim reaper carries one
Coagulates People who have taken Hurricane Katrina victims into their home
Taut Someone who is old and wise
Myriad A small boat
Iridescent As glue dries it ______________
Gelatinous A toy box that is filled with a _____________ of toys
Subdued At the end of a day of sailing, you need to _________ the sail to the mast so that it doesn't get ruined
Endured The riot was ______________ by tear gas
Annul At the end of the show Survivor, the people are __________
Submerge A pearl is beautiful because it is __________________
Skiff Not loose

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