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The Once and Future King

Ian-Paul Gadea-Guidicelli

Book I: The Sword in the Stone

MorganLeFay What Kay was destined to be
Knight The _____ of the Merlins
WilliamTwyti Seven-foot-tall giant
Merlyn Robin Wood's lover
Iron Queen of the Fairies
SilverHuntingKnife Killed the Griffin
Owl Merlyn's present to Kay
Kay The King of England
KingPellinore Who gave Wart his nick name
Boar First animal Wart was turned into
KingUther What animal does Robin Wood kill
Hob Fifth Animal Wart becomes
KingArthur The type of noses Wat and the Dog Boy get
Wart Merlyn's owl
SirEctor The knight searching for the Questing Beast
Badger Morgan Le Fay's weakness
Ant Cully's care taker
Bird King Pellinore jousted with
Archimedes Type of bird Merlyn turn Wart into
SirGrummoreGrummursum Who does Kay fight
Goose Who will Wart be known as
Wart What position Cully in the group of birds
Kay Robin Hoods' other name
Lyo-lyok Who comes to hunt in the forest
Fish Name of the goose Wart meets
LittleJohn Who pulls out the Sword from the Stone
King Wart and Kay's Tutor
Art Wart was supose to be
Squire Fourth Animal Wart becomes
Merlin Third Animal Wart becomes
MaidMarian Kay's father
Goshawk Wart's real name
Cully Last animal Wart becomes
RobinWood Second Animal Wart gets turned into
Pendragon The Hawk
PigNoses King Uther _______

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