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Ms. Dean-Pratt

Emerson's Vocabulary in the 1800's may well be superior to ours in the 21st century! We need to keep up!

bigot faithfulness; devotion
firmament study of what is beyond the physical world
metaphysics isolated with one's thoughts
nonchalance to look or go away from
mendicant false flattery; bowing and scraping
admonition disaster; cause destruction
naught beg; solicitous request
aversion famous; well-known
alms generosity of spirit
chagrin dislike; dread
whim appears obvious; clearly shown
befriend against; placed across from
deprecate carefree quality
manifest surpassing the traditional, conventional wisdom
succumb generosity to show love of people
abide to heal or make better
conventional having title to
eminent release; forgive
inaudible capriciousness; fanciful choice
ephemeral to give in; surrender
indignation noting of lack of proper respect
prudent peers; those of the same time
titular not able to be heard
nonconformist showiness; showing off of material goods
oracle well-spoken
solitude put down to show superiority
ostentation ancient belief of limits of the sky; arc of stars
venerable embarrassment caused by foolishness
contemporaries honorable; respectfulness
laudation with great forcefulness
disdain difficult; labor-intensive task
devout follow, conform
eloquent adds to nothing; nil
emphatic take over another's role or seat of authority
wreak wise
amelioration wise decision-making
philanthropy money for the poor
absolve warning; speech to discourage
importune to make a pal
obsequious one who is original; does not follow
aboriginal traditional; following the traditions
latent begging as a way to go through life; weak; poor
transcendent earliest peoples of a place
magnanimity seek fortune, fate
sage attached to only one point of view
opposed hidden; undiscovered
arduous words of praise
usurpation lasting a short time

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