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Treasure Island

Robert Lewis Stevenson

No description

keel drains on the edge of a ship for when the deck floods.
bulwark an officer incharge of ropes and cables on ships.
rigging solid structure on the upper deck to protect the persons on deck.
coxswain machines on deck that winds the ropes.
schooner the back end of a ship.
stern a light breeze that ripples the surface of the water.
quay to equip a ship.
halyard person in charge if an officer's absent.
jibs a vessel with at least 2 masts.
yawing part that's turned away from the wind.
fathom the central beam.
catspaw wharf, dock.
helm a blade that changes the ships direction.
tackle gear and running riggingfor handling ships or doing tasks on a ship.
catspan triangular sails.
boatswain nautical term for a measurement equal to 6ft.
lugger where the seamen sleep in the bow.
scuppers light boat rowed with long oars.
forcastle moving off a straight course.
lee lines for sails or tackles.
figurehead ropes used to control the masts and sails on a ship.
bow the steering wheel of a ship.
gig the front half of a ship.
rig small ship with 2 or 3 masts.
hawser the masthead on a ship.
rudder heavy rope for mooring.

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