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The Two Towers

Lindsay Nishan

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frodo King of Rohan.
entmoot The name that Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas gave themselves.
eomer Gandalf breaks this possession of Saruman.
hornburg The country between Isengard and Mordor.
palantir Gandalf's horse.
boromir The ___ of Saruman.
curiosity The creature that Gandalf fought at the tip of the world.
dams The symbol of Saruman.
whiterider The party going to Isengard think that these are strange.
pippin The tree that Merry and Pippin stumble upon.
pipe Pippin gives this item to Gimli.
voice Wormtounge's first name.
ents The creatures from the forest.
whitehand The Ring-bearer.
road The fortress of Rohan.
rohan The meeting of Ents.
peace Saruman tries to trick the Riders and Theoden by saying that he wants this.
urukhai The leader of those who watch Helm's Dike.
isengard The breed of Orcs that captured Merry and Pippin.
gimli The member of the Fellowship slain in battle.
redeye A flower that marks where dead men rest.
grima The ___ to Isengard.
wormtounge The party going to Isengard finds Merry and Pippin smoking this.
eowyn Another name for Treebeard.
globe Saruman's home.
threehunters The elf member of the Fellowship.
orcs The item Aragorn finds in the grass, dropped by a hobbit.
fangorn The Hobbit who serves Frodo.
boat A powerful wizard in Isengard.
brooch The ___ of Power.
gandalf This is the real name of the globe.
gamling The fortified place of Helm's Deep.
legolas One of the two captured hobbits.
shadowfax A wizard, enemy of Saruman
hama The other captured hobbit.
aragorn Ranger, Strider.
theoden The symbol of Sauron.
helmsdeep What Boromir was put in to sail down the river.
merry A friend of Treebeard.
treebeard Another name for Gandalf.
flying Treebeard's home.
ugluk Gandalf tricks Hama into letting him take this inside.
parthgalen Creatures small and human-like, with rough and hairy feet, from the Shire.
simbelmyne The doorman at the gates of the Golden Hall.
riddles This trait got the better of Pippin.
sam Wormtounge throws this at Gandalf.
staff Creatures serving the purposes of evil.
trees Pippin saw dark ___ creatures in the globe.
saruman The niece of Theoden, Lady of Rohan.
meduseld Wicked advisor of Theoden.
balrog The golden hall of Rohan.
wellinghall One of the Riders of Rohan.
halflings The dwarf member of the Fellowship.
staff The Ents broke the ___.
tobacco Another name for Hobbits.
quickbeam The area where the battle that claimed Boromir's life took place.
hobbits An Orc warrior, who is killed by Eomer.
orthanc An evil place where orcs that do not fear sunlight are bred.
ring The Three Hunters come across many of these in pursuit of the hobbits.

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