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Wizardly Doings


Lots of HP

Ravenclaw The sickly sweet ex-minister
Spattergroit Molly Weasley's maiden name
Hokey A long and windy alley in London
Thestrals Hepzibah Smith's house-elf
Skiving Snackboxes The book Hermione quotes the most often
Phoenix Feather Luna says these are in mistletoe
Devil's Snare What is Remus Lupin's greatest fear as revealed by a boggart?
Dobby The second protector of the Sorcerer's Stone
Seven Hufflepuff's Ghost
Butterbeer Who is responsible for James and Lily's deaths?
Nargles Tom Riddle's Uncle
pink umbrella Harry's most loyal fan
Romania A cute, black treasure hunter
Hogwarts, A History What stopped Fleur Delacour from finishing the second task?
Niffler Winged horse-like creatures
Diagon Alley Fred and George used first years to test which of their products?
Gringott's The Three Broomsticks speciality
Firebolt The youngest seeker Hogwarts has seen in a century
Morfin Gaunt How many Weasley children are there?
Fat Friar Albus Dumbledore's second middle name of three
Severus Snape Where does Hagrid keep his broken wand pieces?
Prewett The wizarding bank
Godric's Hollow Sirius Black gave Harry the newest broomstick model
Neville Longbottom Hagrid is half human and half what else?
Barty Crouch Jr. The third house of Hogwarts according to the alphabet
Peeves The place Harry returned to in book seven
Full moon He is finally popular in book seven
Wulfric Harry and Voldemort's wands share a core of what?
Grindylows Who bows to Fred and George?
Fudge Where does Charlie live?
Harry Potter What skin ailment does a painting say Ron has?
Giant The first person to escape Azkaban

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