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French Words in English

Jared Moses

French Homwwork 2

c'est la vie thickened cream
un ami feminine brown hair
amusant a military officer who serves as a personal assistant to a higher ranking officer
cheval-de-frise french middle school
aide-de-camp novel with real people appearing as fictional characters
au naturel innovative, espically in the arts
aide-memoire female friend
une amie male funny
apres-ski feminine small
un eleve swift, witty
soigne mall small
une eleve sister
le soeur brother
roman a cles male brown
une cole americaine American college
comme il faut someone who lives, knows to enjoy life, no complaints
brun female student
creme fraiche position paper or something that acts as an aid to memory like mnemonic devices
vol-au-vent snow boots or social events
voir dire feminine tall
petit the proper way, as it should be
amusante sophisticated, elegant, fashionable or well groomed
repartee barbed wire, spikes, or broken glass, attached to wood or mansonary and used to block acess
brune in reality, unseansoned, untouched, naked
petite male tall
grande feminine funny
bon vivant male friend
le frere jury selection
un college francais good life
grand male student
avant-garde is a very light pastry filled with meat or fish

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