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Snobby Spanish artist who spent time in Paris.
Art A good reason to travel by bus or train.
Eiffel Tower A celebration of French military victories.
Sacre Coeur An explosive military leader.
Seine French equivalent of the White House.
Monmartre The lady with the smile.
Glass Pyramid The 'arty' part of the city.
Notre Dame Cathedral The locals!
Food The home of Quasimodo.
Elysees Palace The inside-out building.
Louvre Palace, prison, fort, arsenal and now home of priceless art works.
Michelin The star restaurants of Paris and the world.
Parisi Formerly the world's tallest building.
Napoleon There are plenty of these for you to visit in Paris.
Musuems Donald Duck's French home.
Fashion An unfair description of the people here.
Traffic Yves St.Laurent and Chanel are well known in this field.
Pompidou Centre One of the most well known churches in Paris.
Parisians The river which divides the city.
Eurodisney Train that connects Paris to London.
Eurostar The city is named after these early inhabitants of the region .
Picasso A French obsession.
Mona Lisa One of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpieces.
La Joconde The modern addition to an old building.
Champs Elysees France's most famous street.
Arc de Triomphe Can be seen everywhere, from museums to squats, even the middle of the street!

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