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Mixed French Review I

M. Allen

This puzzle reviews some of the basic French vocabulary that we have covered in class. ALL articles are included in the puzzle, and you should not maintain the spaces between words when you fill the puzzle in.

translation le temps
lemonde un stylo
circumflex a book
IlFaitBon my aunt
monpere the house
lemaroc traduction
second neuvieme
theweather a dog
apen some paper
lemur "It's snowing"
ajob castles
ninth un emploi
matante "Our rules"
helpme "Aide-moi"
unlivre a cat
chateaux my father
unecarte circonflexe
unchien a menu
unchat the wall
lesdevoirs deuxième
dupapier Morocco
lamaison the world
nosregles the homework
IlNeige "The weather's nice"

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