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The 50 States


Use the 50 States' nicknames to identify each state.

New Hampshire The Heart of Dixie
Arkansas Show-Me State
Delaware Peach State
Georgia Diamond State
North Dakota Bayou State
South Dakota Bay State
Texas Prairie State
Massachusetts Free State
Washington Empire State
Alabama Aloha State
Montana Sunshine State
New Mexico Land of Enchantment
Alaska Evergreen State
Tennessee Equality State
Wyoming Garden State
Arizona Sooner State
Ohio Hoosier State
West Virginia Buckeye State
Pennsylvania The Natural State
Louisiana Cornhusker State
Hawaii Volunteer State
Oklahoma Bluegrass State
Idaho Ocean State
Kansas Centennial State
New Jersey Golden State
Michigan Tar Heel State
Maine Magnolia State
Indiana Big Sky Country
Utah Wolverine State
Minnesota Coyote State
South Carolina Pine Tree State
Missouri Nutmeg State
New York Badger State
Colorado Beehive State
Vermont Old Dominion
Rhode Island The Last Frontier
Illinois Sunflower State
Iowa Lone Star State
Oregon Grand Canyon State
Nebraska Gem State
Connecticut North Star State
Virginia Granite State
North Carolina Green Mountain State
Wisconsin Peace Garden State
Mississippi Keystone State
California Hawkeye State
Florida Mountain State
Maryland Silver State
Nevada Palmetto State
Kentucky Beaver State

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