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African Delight!

Senor McKenna

As a part of our day of review, complete this wonderful crossword puzzle to aid in your understanding for the test tomorrow!

partition Name given for the super-powers of the world (from the western hemisphere).
sahara Genocide is a _____________ killing of a group of people.
west Rwanda's minority that was favored by the Belgians before the genocide.
sahel Derived from a Latin word meaning 'hunger.'
aids The intentional segregation of races that has happened in various parts of Africa.
north In this country, close to 50% of the people have HIV/AIDS.
southafrica Over 1 billion people live on less than $1 a day. This is an example of ________.
rainforest One of the largest waterfalls in the world.
systematic Where the Europeans decided to divide up Africa.
tusti The last stage of one of the largest epidemics ever is called _____.
victoriafalls Arabs capturing Africans and selling them and putting them into service.
rwanda The first 3 stages of one of the most catastropic diseases on the planet is called _____.
hiv The largest river in the world.
hutu The largest river in the world flows north or south?
islamicslavetrade A place where blacks have won basic rights and freedoms from the whites starting in 1994.
orphans This is the geographic feature located in parts of eastern and central Africa.
mandela It means to divide up.
poverty Name of South Africa's President who came to power in 1994.
sudan Name of the region in western Sudan where there is current genocide and famine.
famine A nation that has genocide pitting Arabs against Blacks Africans.
apartheid Rwanda's majority that committed genocide after the assasination of the Rwandan President.
nile A small nation in south-central Africa where genocide occurred.
swaziland Its kind of like a desert, yet moreso like a prairie.
darfur Some nations have up to 10% of children living by themselves, making them ____.
berlinconference The largest desert in the world in northern Africa.

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