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Sarai Gonzalez

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Seoul Chain of volcanoes that line up in the Pacifin rim
Chang Jiang What is the general of emperor's army.
Mao Zedong A_________A tropical storm that occurs in western Pacific.
Dynasty A huge wave of great destructive power.
Huan He Get its name from a book called the Tao-Te.
Jakota Triangle This earthquake killed about 140.000 people in Tokyo.
Sweatshop Reported half million children in East Asia.
Buddhism ____________leadership defeated
Typhoon The________runs its course in the South of China.
Boxer Rebellion What was formed in the peninsula.
Economic Tiger The ___________is the longest river in all Asia.
Gobi __________controlled had anger China.
Global Ecomony The__________ mountain which are located in the west of China.
Tsunam ___________movement based on teachings of confucious.
Taoism _____________religion came from India that grew in China.
Three Kindoms Develop in nations that became dependent.
Samurai ____________harmful that causes birth effect in animals.
UNICEF The__________is being built on Chiang Jiang in China.
Pacific Rim These three countries Japan,Korean,Taiwan formed part of the zone.
Kunlun __________is an economic and social region.
Confuciasm It means "one who guards"served as bodyguard.
PCBs A__________is a series of rulers.
Landfill The__________of northern China starts in the Kunlun.
Pyongyana The largest city in north Korea.
Shogun An extended decline in general business activity.
Great Kanto ____________is a method of solid waste disposal.
Recession Work place where people work for hours.
Ring of Fire A nation that has rapid economic growth.
Xi Jiang The_______desert is located in northern China ans southeast Mongolia.
Three Gorges Dam What is the name of the largest city in south Korea.

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