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Canada's Capital Cities

Mr. Gray

Please look at page 36 in the Atlas. Try to find the answers for five bonus questions!

StJohns The capital city of Quebec
Whitehorse The capital city of the Yukon
Erie The capital city of New Brunswick
Fredericton The second largest Great Lake is Lake
Huron The capital city of Newfoundland
Toronto The most shallow lake is Lake
Ontario The capital city of Manitoba
VANCOUVER The capital city of Saskatchewan
Winnipeg The largest Great Lake in area is Lake
Charlottetown The capital city of Nunavut
Iqaluit The capital city of Ontario
Regina The capital city of Nova Scotia
Halifax The capital city of Canada
Superior The capital city of British Columbia
Michigan The capital city of the Northwest Territories
Ottawa The third largest Great Lake is Lake
Yellowknife The smallest Great Lake in area is Lake
Quebec The capital city of Prince Edward Island
Edmonton The capital city of Alberta

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