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Regions of Canada

Dylan and Tim

No description

Frontenac The Great Lakes St. Lawrence region has the highest. puloptaion nedsity
Oil Alberta is rich in this non-renewable resource. ilo
Deforestation Canada needs to do this with their economy and resource. versdicifitiona
Maritime Quebec is the highest supplier in this kind of electricity. rohdy
Resource management Axis separating two parts of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region. rtfenaco
Precambrian The majority of the work in the service industry. ouarlb entinsive
Permafrost Canada and everything interacting with in it. temsyeocs
Hydro This is what the ground is like in the North. maerposrft
Population density This is when people remove lots of trees for land. tionaforestde
Cordillera Signed confederation in 1999. unatunu
Nunavut Rock found in the North and the Canadian sheild region. riprecaranamb
Ecosystem Climate of the Atlantic region. itimarme
Diversification Somethings Alberta needs to do with it's oil and gas. rcerseou mmnnaageet
Labour intensive Yukon, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories are part of this region. lliorcdrea

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