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Coastal Depositional Features

Soraya Khan

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Bar The zone between mean high tide and the coastline
Tsunamis Spit of sand or offshore bar joining an island to the mainland
Swell A ridge of sediment which is continually deposited close to a headland, just offshore. It is usually visible only during low tide
Coastline A submerged or partly exposed ridge of sand or coarse sediment that is built by waves offshore from a beach
Coast Earthquake movement below the ocean floor or cyclones cause _________
Spit Drops material either on the coast or just offshore to form a feature
Deposition ______wave is the gentle, smooth and unbroken movement of regular waves in the ocean
Bay-head beach Sediment is continually deposited to form a tongue of sand and other materials projecting into the sea from a point on the mainland and terminating in the sea.
Berm Stretch of open water over which the wind blows onstantly on is called the ______
Offshore bar The zone or strip of land extending from the deepest point to which the waves transport material to the coastline where the land rises inland
Beach Develops at the head, or inner most part, of a bay. In this area wave action is usually not very strong and deposition occurs.
Tombolo An accumulation of material such as boulders, pebbles, shingle, sand and mud on sloping ground, a wave-cut platform or shelving ground
Backshore The raised part of the beach where vegetation grows
Fetch Lower zone of the beach lying between low and high water levels
Foreshore Highest point where the land and the sea meet

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