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End of Year Review

Mr. O'C

Comprehensive review of all 7th grade material.

Mecca Dutch farmers in South Africa
Shahs desert named for Black Sand
Ganges An Indian social Class
Buddha Belief in One God
Bhutto Shifting Sand Dunes
IdiAmin People who flee to another country to escape persecution
Phosphate Leading Producer of Oil
dzongs Deadly African Fly
Mandela only West African Nation that was never a colony
Nile Area of North Africa that forms a border between desert and fertile land
Secular Large African Plain known for wildlife
Enclave Holy river of India
Gandhi Desert Dweller
Aral Assasinated, Female Prime Minister of Pakistan
Embargo area at the mouth of a river where soil is deposited
Kilimanjaro Restricting trade with another country
Monsoons Ancient Warriors of Japan
caste Underground rock layers that are filled with water
hieroglyphics Longest Chinese River
Garagum Holy city of Islam
Delta Grind this plant's roots to make flour
turkishstraits System of "Apartness" in South Africa
Deforestation Dictator of Uganda
SaudiArabia Sea that is shrinking
Ergs Iranian Kings
Aquifer a.k.a. Siddartha Gautama
Everest places for Muslims to pray
istanbul Places for Buddhist to pray
Refugees Tunisia, Algeria and Morrocco
Cassava Makes the yellow river yellow
Victoria Desert Green Spot
Plantains Japanese Poem
Archipelago Father of India
monotheism Persia
Sahel The first Australians
subsistence A country made of a group of islands
Dubai Largest African Lake
Tbilisi highest point in Africa
Bedouin Farming where steps are cut into the hills
Iran overgrazing drought
Mangrove Tropical tree with roots above and below the water
Liberia Capital of Georgia
Serengeti First black president of South Africa
desertification City with world's largest buildings and other attractions
Samurai Ancient Egyptian Writing
Apartheid Tropical Bananas
Oasis Bosporus, Sea of Marmara and Dardanelles
Savannas Widespread cutting of trees
Rubber Nonreligious
mosques Longest river in the world
Loess Tallest Mountain in the world
Deadsea Seasonal Winds that bring changes in the weather
Boers What the Belgians stole from the Congo
Maghreb A natural salt used for fertilizer
Aborigines A Small Country located inside a larger country
Terraced Constantinople
Haiku Tropical grasslands with few trees
tsetse Lowest point on the Earth's Surface
Yangtze farms that only grow enough to feed a family

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