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Geography Dictionary

Mark Blatchley

Names of Land Forms

Island Level land higher than surrounding lands
Plain top of a mountain
Cliff Land that extends into a body of water
Glacier Hill or Mountain made by the eruption of rock from within the crust
River Set of connected mountains
Cape Level Land
Channel Land surrounded by water
Bay A wide channel of water linking two bodies of water or separating and Island from other land
Strait Area of land formed at the mouth of a stream or river
Canyon Stream or river that flows into a larger river or stream
Isthmus Body of water surrounded by land
Valley Dry area where few Plants live
Lake Steep high wall of Rock, earth or Ice
Volcano Water joining two larger bodies of water; or; deepest part of a river
Mountain Peak Large channel of water flowing thru a land
Tributary Narrow deep valley with steep sides
Penninsula Land jutting out into a body of water
Sound Narrow strip of land with water on both sides
Gulf Long narrow area of land between mountains btween hills or mountains
Plateau One of the four major bodies of water surrounding the continents
Ocean A large body of water partially surrounded by land
Desert Very large mass of slowly moving Ice
Mountain Range A narrow strip of water connecting two bodies of water
Delta Ocean that is partially surrounded by land

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