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Geography Terms

Mrs. Eubank

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Literacy Rate Ratio between births and inhabitants
Traditional Economy High level of cultural and technical development
Culture Materials provided by nature
Modify What a nation has earned-Gross Domestic Product
Adapt Plant life
Subsistence Agriculture The conditions surrounding you
Climate Raising just what is needed for your family to live
Vegetation Moving from one place to another
Population The number of people in a country or region
Rural Producing crops and/or raising livestock
Environment Related to the country-no the city
Density Average weather for a location
Infant Mortality The number of people able to read in a country
Natural Resource To make fit
Developing Nation Way of life
Agriculture The spread of culture from one people to another
Birth Rate To Change
Civilization Insufficient rainfall for agriculture
GDP Death rate of small children
Diffusion A country with a lower economic level and standard of living
Arid The average number of people per square mile
Settlement Place where people live together
Migration Economy dominated by methods and techniques that may be old-fashioned or out of date

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