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Glacial Features

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terminalmoraines streams which flow over hanging valleys
glacialerratics u-shaped valleys which have been eroded to below sea level and flooded
ushapedvalleys moraines left as glacier retreats
hornpeak small lake in the bottom of a cirque
outwashplains formed when ice blocks glacial meltwaters
cirques mixture of clay, gravel and sand
eskers bowl-like depression in rock formed by erosion
glacialtill ridges of sands and gravel left by glacial streams
icedamnedlake formed at the furthest point the glacier reaches
kames formed along the sides of a glacier
tarn rocks which are carried far distances then deposited
hangingvalleys formed along the centre of the glacier
lateralmoraines tear-shaped hills formed by a re-advancing glacier
fiords deltas left behind in shape of a small hill
recessionalmoraines ridges formed between cirques
drumlins eroded by a glacier to be wider with gentler curves
arĂȘtes a rectangular peak created when many cirques erode into a mountain
bridalveilfalls meltwaters flow from glaciers and deposit silt and sand form _____________
medialmoraines valleys of smaller glaciers which sit above larger glaciers for ______________

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