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Jeremy Rambarran

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mural system of numbers based on 10
karma policy of increasing the amount of territory a government holds
dharma large wall painting
filial piety belief in many Gods
Laozi period of great cultural achievement
missionary union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth
Siddhartha Gautama local military ruler
warlord The Creator
nirvana founder of Daoism
expanionism the ultimate goal of existence
monotheistic The Preserver
Lord Vishnu someone sent on a religious mission
polytheistic medical treatment in which needles are inserted under the skin at specfic points to relieve pain or treat various illnesses
sect small religious group
golden age different or opposing ideas
philosophy The Vedas, Bhagavd-Gita, Upanishads are known as
Sacred Texts complete control of a product or business by one person or group
dissent founder of Buddhism
acupuncture all the actions that affects a person's fate in the next life
Lord Shiva The Destroyer
decimal system respect for parents
moksha system of ideas
reincarnation an individual religious and moral duties
Lord Brahma belief in one God
monopoly belief in the rebirth of the soul in another bodily form

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