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India Vocabulary Crossword

Sabrina de Silva

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Sikhism A city located on the Ganges river that is a holy city for Hindus
Bangalore The Hindu belief in the positive or negative forces caused by a person's actions
Ghats All the gods in a religion
Pantheon Founded by the East India Company, this city is now a major rail and industrial center
Narmada An irrigation and canal system links the deltas of the Krishna river and ________ river
Dalits The Hindu belief which states that the soul is reborn over and over again in different forms
Chennai A large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Godavari The religion that combines the Muslim belief in one God with the Hindu beliefs in reincarnation and karma
Sanskrit The Hindu belief in the importance of doin one's duty according to one's station in life
Cottage Industry City located next to New Delhi and is its namesake
Subcontinent A place also known as the Great Indian Desert
Boycott The celebration of the triumph of good over evil
Jute This city is also unofficially called "Bollywood" for its numerous movies
Jainism Located south of the Himalayas, this area and is the world's largest alluvial plain
Brahmaputra Like the Godavari, this river flows to the east and helps the area to continue to be a productive rice-growing area
Gangetic A group of people born into a certain position in society
Karma The overly-polluted Hindu holy river
Reincarnation The division that seperated India (Muslims) and Pakistan (Hindus)
Mumbai Refusing to buy goods from a particular place
Caste An Indian troop under the command of British officers
Dharma A plant fiber used to make burlap and rope
Delhi**the hub 0f n india This city has 12 million residents and is one of the world's busiest seaports
Krishna A religion that emphasizes a strict moral code based on preserving life
Kolkata Two low mountain ranges that form the Deccan Plateau's edges
Ganges The river whose dams have both provided water for India and have displaced thousand of people
Holi The river that joins the Ganges in Bangladesh to form a large delta
Partition A region that has caused unrest between India and Pakistan
Sepoy A peninsula that has an area that is mostly a plateau
Varanasi The lowest caste a person can be in - "The Oppressed"
Deccan City compared to Silicon Valley, USA
Thar The mountain range whose existence was caused by the Indian subcontinent's crash into Asia
Kashmir Home-run small-scale industries many Indians make a living from
Himalayas An Indo-European laguage brought to India by the Aryans in the 1500s BC

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