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Donovan Corzo

Places to visit,things to eat, words to say

Koucha whole baby lamb baked in a clay case with rosemary from Tunisia
Bonjour French for hello
ZALOUK a dish of stewed beans, often mashed and served with salad
couscous Sudanese yogurt dessert served with a thick syrup
Burm Turkey's Capital
falafel Lost pink City in Jordan
Wadi one of Islam's top four holy places
Fool Has theraputic waters as well as scrolls named after it
FUL NABED Where Bogie lived during WW2 in this famous movie
Tunis community in Israel where members share everything
zabadi Big Desert in Egypt
ksour Sudanese for tea
bamya fortified granaries
Petra a variety of coffee, often spiced with cinnamon or ginger
shai Capital of Tunisia
Bouza Egyptian sailing boat
The Dead Sea Sudanese for okra
Jebana This Middle Eastern snack is also known as ta'amia.
Dougga a stream bed that is only full in the rainy season in Africa
Kairouan rich ,sticky sorghum
Sinai a dip made of chickpea paste and tahini (sesame seed paste
kibbutz N. African dish of steamed semolina
Ankara the best preserved Roman ruins in Tunisia
hummas salad of egg plant from Morocco
Casablanca Small hill in the desert with grass

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