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MOUNTFUJI Japanese warrior
SAYONARA Sometimes this is drunk in Japan as part of a special ceremony
SAKI Traditional floor mats in Japan made from rushes or rice straw
SUMO The main crop on Japanese farms
TATAMI Japanese currency
EARTHQUAKE Good afternoon
HOKKAIDO Tidal wave caused by an earthquake
HONSHU The most southerly of Japan's four main islands
HIROSHIMA Japan has to import most of these to make its products
PADI New land made by filling in parts of the sea
SUSHI City where the first nuclear bomb was dropped in World War Two
KIMONO Food made from raw fish
TERRACES The most northerly of Japan's four main islands
FUTON Japanese school children have regular drills to practice for these natural disasters
KYUSHU City where the second nuclear bomb was dropped in World War Two
TOKYO Field where rice is grown
KONNICHWA Because 75% of Japan is like this, there is not much land for building on.
RECLAIMED The car in front is a common Japanese make
TOYOTA Heavyweight Japanese wrestling
BONSAI Products which Japan sells abroad to make lots of money
SAMURAI Capital city of Japan
MOUNTAINOUS Japanese rice wine
TSUNAMI Products such as cars are built as they move along this inside a factory
NAGASAKI Japan's flag shows an image of this
ASSEMBLYLINE Flat land created by digging secctions out of the sides of hills
TEA Japan's sacred mountain and an active volcano
EXPORTS Mattress that can be rolled up and stored in a cupboard during the day
RICE Traditional Japanese silk gown
YEN The art of growing miniature trees
SHINKANSEN Second largest city in Japan
RAWMATERIALS The Japanese Bullet Train
OSAKA Main island in Japan

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