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Mapping Earth's Surface I

Mr. Power

A puzzle made from the vocabulary of sections I and 2 of Chapter 1 Mapping Earth's Surface.

Relief All living things
Atmosphere Relates distance on a map to distance on Earth's surface
Prime meridian A mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth
Symbols A group of mountains that are closely related in size, structure and age
Topography Distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian
Landform An imaginary line that circles the Earth
Equator One half of the sphere that makes up Earth's surface
Map An imaginary line the cirlces the Earth from north to south
Biosphere A sphere that represents the Earth's surface
Globe A list of all the symbols used on the map with and explanation
Plain The height above sea level
Hydrosphere The shape of the land
Elevation Earth's solid rocky outer layer
Mountain A high landfrom with high elevation and high relief
Lithosphere A unit of measure around a circle, 1/360
Plateau Distance in degrees north or south of the equator
Hemisphere A framework of lines that helps show landmasses on a flat surface
Longitude A model on a flat surface of all or part of the Earth's surface
Degree A landform made up of flat or gently rolling land
Landform region Earth's oceans lakes, rivers and ice
Mountain range Pictures used to stand for features on Earth's surface
Map Projection A landform that has high elevation and is more or less level
Key The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts
Latitude Formed by the processes that shaped the Earth
Scale A large area of land where the topography is similar

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