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Messy Mali Mixup!

Stephanie Jones

No description

Republic An export on Mali is used in _______ and vinegar chips!
Amadou What animal roars, hunts it’s prey, and can be found in Mali?
Cheetahs What is Mali’s dry climate in the south?
Gold What European country shaped like a star colonized Mali?
Niger What physical feature provides water for Mali?
Arid What white fluffy plant is used in clothing and is exported in Mali?
Cotton What European language that is considered the romantic language of the world that is spoken in Mali?
Lions Who is Mali’s current government leader?
Salt What shiny and expensive export from Mali is used in jewelry?
France This animal is super fast, spotty, and can be found in Mali, what is it?
French This food needs lot’s of water to grow and cook, for lot’s of Malian meals…. What is it?
Rice Mali’s main religion requires women and men to dress modestly, what is it?
Islam Part or all of the people from the state have an impact on the government because it is a ________ government?

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