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New Jersey Crossword Puzzle

Steven Giannoulis

New Jersey Facts

Garden State game inspired by Atlantic City
Rutgers State bird
Golden Finch Salt water ______ was first made in New Jersey.
Trenton ________ State Park is one of the largest parks.
Princeton State fish
Airport famous New York Yankee baseball player
horse New Jersey State University
taffy famous singer and actress born in Newark
George Washington New Jersey is ranked 5th for _____ locations.
movie University located in Trenton
Derek Jeter New Jersey hockey team
Shaquille O Neal State fruit
blueberry State tree
New Jersey Devils first peple to live in New Jersey
trout New Jersey state capital
Queen Latifah New Jersey state flower
Atlantic City New Jersey has 127 miles of _____ along the coast.
Statue of Liberty New Jersey nickname
Highland fought many battles in New Jersey
violet place of first boardwalk
Red Oak located in New Jersey waters
Lenape New Jersey state animal
beaches The Newark Liberty International _________.
Monopoly famous basketball player born in Newark

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