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Jessie Meeks

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caviar salty dish made from sturgeon eggs
zvezda mammel with two tusks that lives in the caspian sea
stpetersburg "star" space module on ISS
vodka first human being in space
czar bear that lives in the forrest and eats berries and fish
nestingdoll series of dolls one inside the other
minsk herd animal assocoated with St Nicoloas
moscow frozen waste land covers @ of russia
volgariver site of largest nuclear reactor explosion
brownbear pre comministic leaders of russia
siberia fish that makes caviar
lapti capital of russia
democracy current government of russia
communism largest cat in the world
verkhoyansh type of russian beer
uralmountians alcoholic drink made in russia
steppe largest evergreen forrest in the world
sibereantiger most beautiful city in russia and home of czars
coldwar makes up the europe asian boundry
goraelbrus the smallest city in russia
yurigagarin another name for the soviet union
tundra white bear that lives in southern russia
perm a compatition between usa and ussr
obriver hand woven sandels worn by serfs
reindeer deer with antlers and white coat
muskdeer main transportation for eurpean russians
walrus tallest mountian in europe
sturgeon mammel that lives in the caspian sea
babushka main transportation in asian russia
kvass rollin treeles grassy plains that covers of russia
chernobyl type of russian government during the cold war
polarbear cold region that makes up ` of russia
taiga "grandma" scarf worn by older women
seal famous city for commerce in russia
ussr longest mountian range in russia
mir russian space station

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