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colonize Most Scandinavians live where the climate is....
tourism Greenland is not what?
warmer The countries of Scandinavia are known for their modern....
self-governing Norway, Sweeden, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland are part of....
well-educated What streaches across northern Norway, Sweeden, and Finland?
Faeroe Greenland is what kind of territory of Denmark?
Lapland Norway has a large commercial______
Helsinki Today Sami earn a living from....
Scandinavia All Scandinavian countries have what kind of government?
clear Scandinavian countries have healthy populations that are.....
economies Scandinavian settlers did not_____ until the 1700's
high What kind of culture region is Scandinavia?
fishing-fleet What is Sweeden's largest city, also the capital?
ice What is Greenland covered in?
Stockholm The Scandinavian countries have what standard of living?
green Denmark also governs____
geothermal What kind of energy does Iceland have?
democratic Finland has been transformed from an exporter of natural resources to what kind of country?
manufacturing Most Finns live near what major city in Finland?

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