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SE Asia Worksheet 15.2

Tonasket Outreach

Use the clues to solve the puzzle

Cambodia Capital of Taiwan
Hanoi It shares the island, one of the largest in the world, with Malaysia and Indonesia
Brunei An archipelago, with 13,000 islands
Laos Formerly known as Siam
Myanmar Japan's Capital
North Korea Its' longest river is the Cagayan
South Korea A major war was fought here
Tokyo Surrounded by the pacific ocean and the Sea of japan
Philippines Capital city of Laos
China Cambodia's capital
Rangoon Capital city of Thailand
Mongolia South Korea's capital city
Beijing A landlocked country in the north of Central Asia
Seoul Olympics were held here in 2008
Singapore The Mekong River is the main river in this country
Phnom Penh Capital of Russia
Vietnam 3rd largest country in the world
Pyonyang Capital city on the island of Java
Vientiane Myanmar's capital
Moscow It's capital shares a border with Russia and China
Jakarta Kaohsiung is it's second largest city, the island's most important port
Taipei Its a city and a country!
Thailand Rhymes with an ice cream flavor
Japan North Korea's capital
Manila The volcanic island of Cheju is on it's largets island
Taiwan Vietnam's capital city
Ulan Bator This country has a tropical Monsoon climate
Bangkok Worlds largest country
Russia Shares a border with Russia, China and Sotuh Korea
Indonesia Also called Burma

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