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Geared to keep you Sleepless for Seattle

Brenda Elliff and Pat Ryndak Krys, Co-Chair 2010 LATF

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Nordstrom Seattle's "liquid sunshine"
Lee Seattle's nickname
Bicyles The mighty river name
EmeraldCity Seattle's newest transportation system
Allen Seattle's newest sport team
Apples Seattle was the first American city to put police on these
Heart Seattle Sports arena which was detonated
Doonesbury TV show 1993-2004
Spokane Seattle Mariner’s Allstar batter
Storm Popular game created in Seattle
Olympia Kenny Sax
Houseboat Nickname for a concentrated area of hospitals
Whistler Sisters rock band from Seattle
Lightrail This man is the oldest (9,000 yr old) skeleton discovered in the Americas
Space Needle World's Fair Structure
Fathers African American Writer born in Seattle
Underground the “Big” one
Sunglasses Clark's partner during the expedition in 1805
Grunge The only state named for a President
EddieBauer Seattle's TV Anatomy
Cranium Name of the longest continuously operating farmer's market in the US since 1907
EMP Airport name
Microsoft First name of Seattle's world-famous glass artist Dale
Wine Musician Ray from Seattle
Lewis Seattle is the birthplace of this rock musician
Volcano Washington is the US 2nd largest producer
Ferry Seattle delicacy
Pillhill Seattle Software Company
Rain Seattle surf band
Frasier Host city for the 30th annual NAON Congress
Pike Place Market The cruise focus from Seattle
Grey's A Beer name after Washington's capital
Oregon Serial killer
Burlesque WA is known as the ____ state
Earthquake Name of the Seahawks football field
Gates The boom which brought people out west
Washington Seattle gear
Boeing WA State neighbor on the South
Beatles This group’s music 1st played on the radio in the US in Seattle
Evergreen Seattle has a reputation for...
Seattle Washington's greatest produce
MegRyan Music type developed here
Ventures Co-founder of Microsoft
Ichiro Actor Tom from Seattle
Kennewick Cartoon characters who live in Seattle
AlexHaley Smallest city to host a World's fair in 1974
Starbucks A noun which flys at the Pike Place Market
Goldrush Seattle sells more of these per capita than any other major city in the nation
Charles Tour below Seattle
G A cheer UW Husky fans began 25 years ago
Kingdome System that over 25 million passengers annually
Columbia Howard Schultz was it's innovator
Sounders Millionaire developer of Seattle named Paul
Qwest WA State neighbor on the East
Alaska Singer and cherries
Bundy "Sleepless in Seattle" star
SeaTac Seattle women's basketball team
Idaho Seattle holds the record for this alternative way of residence
Bing Aircraft Company
Skerritt Yearly celebrated Day which began from Seattle in 1910
Coffee Gypsy Rose Lee made this popular here
Chihuly In 1980, the Mt. St. Helen’s blast destroyed it's top
TheWave Seattle neighbor, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics
Hendrix Seattle retail
Salmon First name of Actor Bruce buried here
Fish Abb. for Experience Music Project

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