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South Cental Asia Worksheet 14.3

Tonasket Outreach

Solve the puzzle using the clues below. Watch your spelling!

India This river runs near China's southern border, North of Nepal and Bhutan.
China Thimphu is its' capital
Tajikistan Tallest mountain in the world
New Dehli Used to be called Eastern Pakistan
Sri Lanka Capital of Bangladesh
Mount Everest Island country South of India
Andaman Rangoon's location
Myanmar India's capital
Colombo This sea reaches Myanmar's southern shores
Afghanistan Sri Lanka's coastal capital
Pakistan Borders Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
Dhaka Capital of Afghanistan
Islamabad Pakistan's capital
Kabul The Ganges River flows through this country
Bangladesh The world's 3rd largest country
Bhutan K2, the world's second tallest mountain, is found here
Nepal 8 of the worlds highest peaks are in this country
India Its' capital city is Dushanbe
Brahmaputra It has coasts on an ocean, a sea and a bay
Uzbekistan Shares a border with Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan

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