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Learning about Spain From a CrossWord Puzzle

Ann-Kathryne L. Mills


Prime Famous Spanish folk-architect
Barcelona Major religion:Roman ________
Spain Spain once had many colonized _______ and South American countries.
Central Spain is the world's leading producer of _____ oil.
Andorra Bordering country to the west
Euro Tiny country sandwiched between Spain and France
Portugal The Strait of _________ is a body of 9-mile body of water that separates Spain from Morocco.
Madrid Spain's former dictator-like ruler
Seville Spain's currency
Catholic The _____________ Sea is south of Spain
Mediterranean _____ occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula.
Franco The Canary Islands are _________.
Europe Spain has a hot, dry Mediterranean _______.
Picasso Capital of Spain
Gibraltar The ________ Mountains are is NW Spain
Climate Hosting city of 1992 World's Fair
Gaudi Spain owns the Canary _______, off the coast of Morocco.
Paris Spain's government leadership position is a _____ Minister.
Olive Pablo _______ was a famous Spanish artist.
Volcanic Spain's continent
Islands Capital of neighboring country France
Pyrenees Hosting city of 1992 Summer Olympics

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