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50 States

Whitney Traeholt

50 States

New Mexico Mardi Gras
North Dakota Raleigh
North Carolina Yellowstone National Park
Virginia Heart of America's West
Maine Home of the Baltimore Orioles
Oklahoma Great Lakes
Massachusetts Empire State
Utah Sweet Home "__________"
Montana Home of the Cincinnati Bengals
Wisconsin Nashville
Tennessee Home of Stephen King
Maryland Richmond
Alabama The Golden State
Texas Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Indiana Potato State
Georgia Cornhusker State
Nebraska Mount Saint Helens
Florida "Where the buffalo roam"
Alaska Mt. Rushmore
Nevada The Beehive State
Connecticut Atlanta
Wyoming Hawkeye State
Washington Lone Star State
West Virginia Fried Chicken
Idaho Choctaw
Rhode Island Birthplace of the 43rd president
Kansas Mountain State
Louisiana Columbia
Colorado Land of 10,000 lakes
Missouri Home of the Jersey Devils
New Hampshire Cheese State
Minnesota Eskimo's Home
Arkansas Birthplace of Walt Disney
Delaware Home of Johnny Cash
South Dakota Home of John Deere
California Orange juice!
Vermont Granite State
Oregon Bay State
Mississippi First state to join the constitution
Iowa Crater Lake
New Jersey Peace Garden State
Ohio Viva Las Vegas
Illinois Home of John Denver
Kentucky Birthplace of Elvis Presley
South Carolina Home of the Broncos
New York Smallest State
Michigan Jefferson City
Hawaii Indianapolis 500
Pennsylvania Grand Canyon State
Arizona Pearl Harbor

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