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Mr. Province

No description

rolling thunder American Independent candidate for President in 1968
nixon Allowed the first bombing of North Vietnam
sirhan sirhan Communist group in North Vietnam
vietcong Killed Robert Kennedy
france U.S. policy towards communism
agent orange President after JFK was assassinated
ho chi minh Type of tactics the VC used
vietminh Organizer of the protests at Berkley
indochina Signaled the end of French rule
johnson Postponement of military services
dein bein phu Operation of air bombings
dein bein phu Won the Democratic nomination for President in 1968
deferment Offensive action by North Vietnam
pleiku Won the 1968 election
humphrey Time information: Wed Mar 23 06:51:57 2005 Start Wed Mar 23 06:51:57 2005 Finish Would have won the 1968 election
draft A way of selecting persons to go to the military
guerilla Name France had for coutries under their rule
tet Capture of this city marked Vietnam independence
containment Herbicide used to kill vegitation in North Vietnam
savio Communist group in South Vietnam, NLF
kennedy Leader of Communist North Vietnam
wallace Country the U.S. aided in 1950

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