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Global 9, 1st Quarter Vocabulary

Mr. Bourke

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peninsula social class system in India with no social mobility
isthmus Study of enviroment, people, and resources
Geography right to rule passed on from one generation to the next
Physical Map the way of life of a group of people
Longtitude Weather over a 20-30 year time period
reincarnation right to rule from God
technology physical features of an area
archeologist chain of islands
civilization a scientist who studies the remains left by past cultures
Topography physical features that create obstacles for those around them
desertification imaginary lines that run north and south
mandate of heaven family of mom, dad, and kids
monotheism skills and tools people use
Climate turning of semi-desert land into dsert
geographic barrier cycle of life, death, and rebirth
cultural diffusion imaginary lines that run east and west
nuclear family a map that shows geographical features
extended family man made object of the past
ethnocentrism Map that shows borders between countries
Latitude cutting down of trees
Neolithic Revolutlion time in history when people went from being nomads to farmers
landlocked belief that ones culture is superior
culture 3 or more generations all living under one roof
Political Map narrow strip of land connection 2 larger masses of land
anthropologist land surrounded by water on three sides
polytheism scientist who studies the way people organize societies
artifact belief in many Gods
deforestation a highly organized society withits own complex culture
archipeligo belief in on God
dynasty area surrounded by land and NO water ports
caste system the exchange of goods and ideas between 2 cultures

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