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Wonders of the world

David Gentile

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tajmahal The designer of this wonder also designed the Eiffel Tower.
grandcanyon Which wonder began construction in 1630 and is located in the city of Agra?
sydneyoperahouse Which wonder is more than 2000km long?
leaningtowerofpisa This wonder has a legend that Galileo dropped two weights from it.
montsaintmichel What wonder did Dionisio Pulido discover?
cntower This wonder has a rotating restaurant on it.
lakebaikal This was the world's tallest building until 1930.
paracutinvolcano Which wonder was constructed in 1903 by the U.S.A?
eiffeltower This wonder is meant to protect the seven sacred hairs of the buddha.
statueofliberty This wonder is the longest bridge in America.
shwedagonpagoda This was the tallest structure until the World Trade Center was built.
banauericeterraces This wonder is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world
borobudurtemple This structure is surrounded by water on three sides.
angelfalls Legend has it that a bishop was inspired by a dream to build this wonder.
empirestatebuilding This wonder is the oldest Buddhist shrine in the world.
mounteverest What lake is is more than 25 million years old?
itaipudam Which wonder is the the largest gorge in the world?
panamacanal This wonder is located on the border of Tibet, Nepal, India, and China.
goldengatebridge This wonder in South America is named after the person who found it.
greatbarrierreef This wonder took two thousand years to build.

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