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Kapitel 15 Wortschatz


German vocabulary crossword puzzle

der Lachs if you leave a restaurant without paying this, you're a jerk
zahlen don't get this seasoning in your nose
der Sekt a German cabbage dish served with pork or bratwurst
bestellen a dish served alongside pork or bratwurst
die Zwiebel the richest of milk products
der Ibmissstand a crucial seasoning
das Marzipan delicious and made with white grapes, alcoholic
die Mandel veal with noodles!!!
die Suppe a famous German snack often sold in American airports
die Nachspeise asking for your food
Gewurztraminer a German fast food place
der Kellner beverage often served with dessert, alcoholic
der Senf an establishment with a bar
die Bratkartoffeln what you do to a Rechnung
das Wiener Schnitzel a sweet made from almonds that is best in Germany
der Salat a liquid dish
die Sahne non-alcoholic relative of wine
die Rechnung what your stomach should be at the end of a meal
Riesling aspiring actors should keep their day jobs
die Pilze used on cereal
schmecken German verb that is an onomotopeia
die Schokolade these veggies make people cry
die Milch the French have a patent on the worldwide name of this alcoholic drink
das Salz the best part of a meal
voll also known as Champignon (from French)
das Sauerkraut condiment often served with pork, bratz, sauerkraut, and pretzels
der Traubensaft absolutely amazing food made from cocao beans
die Kneipe the main ingredient of marzipan, other than sugar
die Brezel salad
der Pfeffer the main topping of Lox bagels

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