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Love Love Love

by Bethie Wife

No description

kuscheln Not a jaguar
schnuckiputzi Little diabetic treat
Liebssprache Smooooooch meine(n?)
Hasi Sweetheart
Liebe :*
Herz How You doin'?
Lippen Diminutive sweet stinger
Bauchchen Mein---fur immer and nur mein!
Tiger I kiss your smile lines because they are...
Schatz If you get this wrong we're going to have to talk
Busen If it were big, Shadow would choke.
Hinterteil Hintery, Hintery, Hintery!!
flirten Not the surname Bear but X-Bear
Prinzessin Ja, ich bin ein Prinzessin.
Engel You can be
Honigbienchen The purple one's first name
Liebling Don't lean here when I sing!
Knuddel Another name for Snuggle
Schnuckelchen Bauchy, Bauchy, Bauchy!!
Mausi Ich bin, immer (halt lachen!)
charmant Better'n a pot a' gold
Kuss Du spricht.....

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