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German Trivia

Cara Thielen

The questions are in English, but all answers are in German!

billion A small German-Speaking country
milliarde "backpack"
Drückpresse "computer keyboard"
Rindfleisch What the Germans call the Baltic Sea
Deutschland The mountains that pass through Switzerland and Austria
Matraze Celebration that takes place the night before January 1
Wir Sind Helden Band that sings "Weichnachtsmann vom Dach"
Fluss The first meal of the day
BMW "light blue"
Axel Germany´s most popular sport
hell blau Small Chinese Key
Gesundheit infinitive: "to snow"
Ich bin ein Berliner The work that should be handed in the following day
Chinesisches Schlüßelchen A word used as "bless you" in English
Rücksack "birthday"
Ostsee "garbage can"
Graz The country known across the world as being neutral
Stunde "hour"
Frühstück This is a common item on the breakfast table
Die Schweiz Band that sings "Ein Elefant für Dich"
München "apple"
Mozart "bunny"
Apfel "crossword puzzle"
zweimal "beef"
West Berlin "TV"
Abfall Third person- to be
Meerjungfrau Famous Kennidy mix-up
Schliessfach A college-bound high school in Germany
Hesse The country is most often associated with the German language
Bayern Male name shared by Nathan R., Mike L., Andrew T.
Kaninchen A famous author; wrote such works as Siddhartha
Dresden A famous composer from Salzburg
Gymnasium The state that Munich is found in
Fasching The city where Frau Thielen studied abroad
Tastatur The country that housed the Hapsburg Empire
Alpen "trillion"
Silvester A city almost completely destroyed in WWII by firebombs
Stachelschwein Where American students store their books; not found in German schools
Heidi Klum One of the most famous highway systems in the world
Rammstein Invented by German Johann Gutenberg
Liechtenstein The city where the 1964 Winter Olympics took place
Geburtstag The king responsible for building many castles in Bavaria
Fussball "to save"
Autobahn A holiday which takes place directly before lent, where Germans dress in costume
König Ludwig II "another; two times"
Hausaufgaben The city that is home of Octoberfest
Kreuzworträtsel "mermaid"
schneien The name of St. Nicholaus` accomplice
Die Toten Hosen A city located in the former East Germany that maintained its freedom
Herbst The season following summer
Fernseher "billion"
Ruprecht 1989 marks the year that this fell
Innsbruck A well-known car company out of Germany
Österreich "porcupine"
müde "mattress"
sparen German beauty who stars in Project Runway
ist Controversial German Rock Group: singers of "Du Hast"
euch "river"
Wurst Second person plural- accusative case
die Berline Mauer "tired"

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