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Glocke This is the red nosed reindeer.
Weihnachtsbaum This is decorated with ornaments, tinsle and garland.
Lebkuchen This is what little kids get for Christmas.
Nussknacker Let's be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of ____" - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
Nordpol This or a star is placed on top of a Christmas tree.
Rudolph This is placed on top of the Christmas tree.
Geschenk This is what Santa Claus rides in.
Kranz This is who you should spend the holidays with.
Weihnachtsstern These are hung by the chimney with care.
klingeln These are ususally sang in groups going house to house.
Mistel Where chestnuts are roasted.
Weihnachtsman These are left out for Santa Claus to eat.
Verzierung They help Santa Claus build the toys.
Schlitten This man is the evil Santa Claus.
Strumpf This is used to decorate a present
Schornstein This is white, fluffy, and cold.
Bonbon These round objects are placed on Christmas trees.
Engel This is the man that brings presents.
Familie What Santa Claus puts under the tree.
Kekse This is usually hung on the door and decorated with holly berries.
Schleife Where Santa Claus lives.
Spielzeug "Sleigh ___ ring are you listening." - Winter Wonderland
Kamin A Famous Christmas flower.
Weihnachtslied Traditional Christmas drink.
Rentier If you stand under this, you might get a kiss.
Stechpalme "Bells on bob-tail ___ , making spirits bright" - Dashing Through the Snow
Kohle Santa Claus gets into the house through this.
Knecht Reprecht Santa has eight of these.
Schnee This is placed in good children's stockings.
Elfen These cookies might just run away.
Stern This cracks things and it's also a ballet.
Eierlik├Âr This is what bad children get in their stockings.

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