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Alexander the Great

Nick Nikoian

No description

Shadow Alexander's favorite book
Bucephalus Alexander's closest friend
Strongest Alexander's horse was afraid of its ______
Olympias Alexander's idol
try Alexander died and became Alexander the ________
Babylon "There is nothing impossible to whom who will ___"
Roxana Disease that Alexander died from
Pella Alexander's mother
The Illiad Alexander's horse's name
Phillip Who would rule the kingdom after Alexander died?
Stateira Where was Alexander born?
Alexandria Alexander's second wife
Phalanx Alexander died in this city it was the capital of his empire
Macedonia Alexander's father
Died Alexander's title in Egypt
Egypt First wife of Alexander
Bucephalus Alexander was from __________
Pharaoh Phillip's creation/war stance
Great Alexandria is in which country
Aristotle At age 32 Alexander ____
Malaria Alexander built a city and named it _________
Achilles Alexander's teacher

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