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Ancient Civilization

Michael Myers

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subcontinent what are creatures that walk upright
artisans what is a complex, confusing series of connected passages
cuneiform what is the ancient sumerian writing called
paleontology what are the rulers from family
polis what is the ancient egyptian writing called
dynasties what is an ancient egyptian king
citizen what is an artistic technique for showing relationships and space between objects
tyrant what is a tall two handled greek vase
culturaldiffusion what is another name for the art of public speaking
pharaoh what is the period of time when ancient human beings were more settled down
technology what is another name for a plan of government
neolithic what is the study of fossil remains
rhetoric what is the study of hominid's physical features and behavior
oligarchy what are small kingdoms
patrician what is a building used for worship
amphora what are many territories under one ruler called
perspective what is a form of government which citizens holds political power
mercenary what word discribes the artistic style of ancient greece and rome characterized by balance, elegance and simplicity
paleolithic what is another name for city-state of ancient greece
anthropology what is a citizen of ancient rome who was not an aristocrat
constitutian what is a government in which citizens elect leaders
phalanx what are the ways in which people use their environment to meet their natural needs
economy what is the exchange of goods and ideas when cultures come into contact
bard what is the period of time before writing was invented
plebeian a person in ancient greece who siezed power and established a one man ruler
symposium in ancient greece, a person who took part in the government of a city-state was what
hieroglyphics what is a soldier who serves for a foriegn country for pay
empire what is a name for a gathering in ancient athens that featured eating, drinking, entertainment and intellectual discussions
labyrinth what is the process of making better tools during the neolithic age
sanctuary what is certain people's way of life
republic what is a form of government in which a small group holds political power
hominids what's another name for a member of the nobility of upper class
monarchies what is the period of time when ancient human beings were more settled down
aristrocrat what is a large triangular shaped land mass that juts inot a body of water
prehistory in ancient greece, there is a military formation where foot soldiers stood so shields overlapped
civilizations what is another name of a poet who tells stories by singing
classical what is the city with the land surrounding it called
democracy what is the development of small villages to more complex societies
culture who are workers skilled in craft
citystate what is the name for a member of the wealthy aristocratic class of ancient rome

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