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Ancient Greece


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League A group of allies
Academy Means "high city" in Greek
DecimalSystem This Greek pilosopher taught Alexander
Island An open air market
Aristotle These games first began in 776 B.C
ChariotRaces A deadly desease
Plato A spot of land completely surrounded by water
Zeus This word "the people rule"
Homer This city-state created the world first democracy
Attica Sparta is located on _______
Sparta A specialized school
Plague A play designed to make people laugh
Athens This city-state is military based
Comedy The god of sky and ruler of all gods
Tragedy The author of The Iliad and The Oddessy
Agora The most popular Olympic sport
Acropolis This philosopher opened an academy to train future rulers
Alexander A sad play with an unhappy ending
OlyimpicGames This warrior died of Malarya
Democracy A greek counting system based on the number ten

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