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Ancient Greece

Ms. Diaz

Fill out the puzzle using your knowledge of social studies

Pericles A large, domed temple built in ancient Rome to honr many gods and goddesses.
oligarchy Missing phrase2 - 7
MediterraneanSea City located in Egypt and was named after its emperor. This became one of the most important cities in the Greek empire.
Alexanderthegreat The search for wisdom and the right way to live.
Colony This was a large hill where city residents could seek shelter and safety in times of war and was a religious center.
Peninsula A sea that lies between Europe, Asia Minor, and Africa.
Rhodes A large peninsula that lies to the southwest of Attica.
Monarchy An Athemian leader and general who led Athens during the war with Sparta; he made sure that poor as well as rich citizens could take part in government.
MountOlympus The biggest island of Greece.
Macedonia An area of land nearly surrounded by water.
PeloponnesianWars A form of government in which all citizens could take part in making decisions for the polis. Also means "rule by the people."
Assembly Greek philosopher who discussed laws, customs, values, and religion with students. He was accused of urging young people to revolt and was sentenced to death.
Alexandria This clearing served both as a marketplace and as a meeting place
Attica An island near what is today Turkey.
Philosophy A powerful kingdom and region located in Europe.
Polis King of Macedonia who conquered Greece, Persia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley; his conquests spread Greek culture throughout parts of three continents.
Harbor A war fought between Athens and Sparta in the 400s B.C. ending in a victory for Sparta.
Socrates A sheltered place along a coast.
Aristole A city-state in ancient Greece where democracy was born.
Agora A person who has certain rights and responsibilities in his or her country or community.
Crete A form of government in which a small group of the richest, most powerful citizens controlled decision making.
Citizen A city-state in ancient Greece where miltary was valued.
Phoenicia A city-state in ancient Greece.
Peloponnesus He was a famous poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Parthenon Groups of people who lived apart from, but keep ties with a "mother country."
Sparta A lawmaking body of a government who voted on issues that helped shape the future of the city.
Athens A wedgeshaped peninsula that juts into the Medterreanean Sea.
Democracy Greek philosopher who was the private teacher of Alexander the Great.
Acropolis A form of government in which was ruled by a king.
Homer A mountain in northern Greece and was said to be where the most powerful gods and goddesses lived.

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