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Ancient Greek

Elaine Geremia

Vocabulary terms of ancient Greek

Etruscans Primary fabric used in Rome
Chlanis Bride’s proof of housewife skills
Perizoma Roman “belt”
Chiton Popular draped Roman garment worn over tunics
Ionic Greek tunic with many variations
Exomis Named after its T-shape, worn by Greek
Caesar Only Romans allowed to wear togas
Pilos Sleeveless chiton with a slim fit
Knossos Greek loincloth undergarment
Doric peplos Working man’s chiton
Wool Purple bands on Roman dress to show powerful status
Vitta Etruscan garment that preceded the toga
Sinus Brimless Greek hat with a pointed crown
Doric Another name for hair arranged in a bun
Men Woolen hair tie band for Roman matrons
Chignon Roman Empire dictator
Tutulus Minoan palace on Crete
Tunic Roman loincloth
Subligar Pre-Roman cultured people in western Italy
Himation Etruscan woman’s hat
Clavi Chiton with many pins and long “sleeves”
Balteus Archaic Period chiton with long, close- fitted fabric and a top edge over fold
Toga Complex overfolds of the toga
Tebenna Grecian wrapped shawl usually worn draped over the left arm

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