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antistrophe people who watch Polyneices' body
Zeus son of Oedipus who tried to take Thebes, killed Eteocles
Tantalos King, father of Oedipus; former king of Thebes
Choragos god of fire
Haimon Antigone's younger sister
guards reports that Polyneices is being buried
Acheron goddess connected with death
sentry song chanted as the chorus entered the stage
Antigone Haimon's brother, son of Eurydice
Polyneices princess imprisoned by her father, mom of Perseus
Eteocles exit or final scene; opposite of the Parados
Laios Greek goddess of love
Athena a river in Greek mythology that soul crosses to Hades
Pluto Pallas _______________ goddess of wisdom
Sardis capital of ancient Lydia in Asia Minor
Olympos daughter of Oedipus tries to bury brother, Polyneices
Menoikeus Niobe's father, tricked the gods by cooking his son
Danae mountain where Greek gods live
Argive Chorus leader
Creon city where Creon ruled
Teiresias god of the Underworld
Persephone song chanted as the chorus faces left
Aphrodite Dryas' son, imprisoned in stone
strophe Greek god of the sky, Thunder god; lord of the gods
Hephaestos a blind prophet, predicts consequences Creon's orders
Eurydice Oedipus' son who defended Thebes; killed his brother
Hecate Jocasta and Creon's father
Furies name of army that Polyneices led against Thebes
Thebes wife of Creon
Parados new king of Thebes, brother of Jocasta (Iocaste)
Niobe three hideous, avenging spirits that punish criminals
Exodos goddess of vegetation
Jocasta son of Creon
Megareus wife
Lycurgus first movement of the chorus, chanted facing right
Ismene boasted of her children, punished as they're turned to stone

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