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Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea

by Horace Cope

Chapter 5 Section 1

Olives ____ covered 3/4ths of Ancient Greece.
Mycenaeans Mycenaean ____ formed the core of Greek religious practice, art, and literature.
MountOlympus Traditional Greek stories about their gods.
zeus What the Greeks built in order to have adequate grazing area and farmland.
legends Sea trade was important because the Greeks lacked ____ _____.
heinrichschliemann The mythical home of the Greek gods.
trojanhorse Narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds.
epics Greatest Greek storyteller. Legend says he was blind.
population Greece had few suitable waterways for this.
myths Goddess of wisdom.
Hector It took 7 days to travel from Sparta to ______.
Irrigation The Greek heroic ideal of virtue and excellence.
Hera We built a elegant civilization on Crete.
Athens Only 20% of the soil of Greece.
Transportation Greek capital city named in honor of the goddess of wisdom.
writing The peninsula where Greece is located.
MINOANS Mycenae could withstand attack because it was ___.
dorians Greatest Greek hero of the Trojan War.
CRETE What the temperatures were like in ancient Greece.
Athena The island of the Minoans.
Balkan This great Trojan soldier's wife begged him not to fight Achilles.
trojanwar We were Eurasians who came to Greece around 2000 BC.
cyclops Homer's story about the Trojan War.
homer Ruler of the Greek gods.
Fortified Their diet was based on grains, grapes, and ____.
Odyssey The reason for the warning "beware of Greeks bearing gifts".
NATURALRESOURCES Found evidence of the Trojan War in Turkey.
colonies Homer's story about the Greek's ten-year journey home after the Trojan War.
Arete Polyphemus was one of these one-eyed monsters.
Olympia Mycenaeans adapted this Minoan system of communication.
Arable A German archaeologist discovered evidence in 1870 that this was fought between Greeks and Trojans.
Iliad Wife of Zeus.
moderate A new group of traders who moved into war-torn Mycenae. They apparently did not know how to write.
Achilles This was difficult because of the geography of Greece.
Mountains Greece could never support a large one.

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